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PSA. The calendar is on two feet and we are booking August and September Recording Sessions with Benton and Johnston. Please text and call to confirm your session or interest in upcoming ones. Response will be quick and firm, promise. (916)743-3760 ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago

The studio is kicking ass. We have excellent talent, bands and singles getting ready to release. However, more importantly we have some baseball players that need your extra room. I double dog dare you to take on one of these baseball boys. If you do... joe and I will buy you dinner and unlimited beer at the KTP show tomorrow night.
Filby: 812. 1840
Lesa 743.3760
It takes a village. Let's do this!
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Rico Tha Kidd comes with another one ! @WETHEPARTYSEAN

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Directed by WETHEPARTYSEAN Proxclusiv M

4 months ago

Joe and I went and checked out the Pat Martin show on Friday. It was a blast. Check out the video it has some of our local All Stars for sure on one stage for a great cause. The boys rocked this Billy Idol song. Take a peek.
Thanks Newsom for the nudge to get us out!
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Jacoby Shadix and The original drummer of PApa Roach Dave Buchner came together last night to play a few songs with friends of tesla and others to play a few...

4 months ago

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Boss' Daughter I'm The DD Today Songs Are Songs (2015) Cocksmoker Chunk Records I've got some shit to do But why do it today? I've finally got a bed And slee...

7 months ago

Joe received a fire hydrant parking violation in front of the recording studio. He was thinking about fighting it, but is not. Park 15 feet away from this damn thing. ... See MoreSee Less

7 months ago

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Víctor VélezSorry to hear about that. If infraction, it can be fought over the mail.7 months ago

Constance Susan De Mars:( Sorry Joe.7 months ago

Syd WilliamsDon't know what the big deal is, there ain't know water in the damn thing.1   ·  7 months ago

Robert GraciaOh Joe!7 months ago

Sean SmithDamn the man!7 months ago

Gary WilliamsShould have peed on it.7 months ago

Christopher EstesThat is below average! Sounds like parking enforcement has a real 'Boy Scout' out there... control freak and psychopath Dennis Rader, who was the B.T.K Killer, spent some time as a compliance officer, even going as far as manufacturing phony infractions that he would later write citations for to several innocent and unsuspecting citizens (some of whom almost became victims!). Yep. Best to just let that go, Joe. You could possibly piss off another budding serial murderer... lol 😉7 months ago

Chris KoskelaWhen did Joe turn into my old philosophy professor?1   ·  7 months ago

Jeff BerchielliIs the curb red or clearly marked no parking?7 months ago

Pus Cavern RecordingNope. Not red. Not clearly marked and blends in easily.7 months ago

Jeff BerchielliFightable Winable7 months ago

Robert GraciaGet some Joe!7 months ago

Arthur MulcahyThats sucks Joe!!!6 months ago

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